Happy cliens around the World

Great job! The site has been made in time, all wishes have been considered. Thank you, I will recommend you to my friends.

Aleksandr Kushkov, CEO Dynamo fencing center, Boston, USA

It is pleasant to me to work with you.
Your production is very qualitative and it is pleasant to hand it to clients.
Everything was made in time.

Camilla Wright photography, England

L-Site team on my request performed design of a brand new corporate look, design, layout and production of packaging, delivery of ready goods to another country. I would also like to mention their attitude to work which appeals to me so much – they put soul and mind into it, and do not let things slide.

This is the case when you do not shout on a manager, asking to have Tavria car available in the salon right now, but waiting calmly for your own Bentley, which would be assembled specially for you. You are sure in its quality and you are sure that there is no other car like that.

Or let’s take homemade bread from the oven and bread from the groceries, as an example. I think difference is obvious.

I am sure that every commercial photographer is losing his professionalism and does not develop if he is not doing creative, non-commercial shoots for himself. He is not limited by time limits, technical assignment and time of rent in them. The same is about packaging – for me it was important to provide a possibility for guys from L-site to work peacefully and to receive my own Bentley, assembled specially for me.
Very simple – commercial component together with soul message.

It is not a secret that packaging is very important, also it can be a good advertising surface of the goods themselves. The first order that I gave to a client in the new, united corporate style brought me one more new client on recommendation.

While designing technical specifications it was important to reach also usually passive co-customers - men. They also like packaging designed for me. There is nothing too much sweet and romantic about it. It is important and it is a difference and competitive advantage at a narrow market of private photography.

More than that, a book is judged on its cover. One should remember about it.

I would recommend this company for cooperation to all creative people and companies, for whom it is important to present their product or service “con anima” and to provide a long-term cooperation with the customer. I consider the end of 2013 to be more successful for me, also as a result of my cooperation with L-Site Company. Generally I think that non-political cooperation of a Moscow based photographer and Ukrainian producers of design objects is a good and sound little step for long-standing sister countries.

Sergey Ilyin

Katia and Olia understood at once what I like and what I would like to get. Probably, there are people who do not care. But as for me – I prefer stripes, bright colours, cheerful design and easy navigation. They made my website exactly like this. Herewith design appeared to be “mine” at once. A huge advantage of L-site is that they do not leave you after having finished your project. I will not be surprised if in future they will introduce some short phone number like 108 or 114 as their first design aid. Did you forget how to upload news to the website? Did you not manage to make newsletter? Do you need an additional page? They answer at once, clearly and understandably.

Also I am very glad that I do not need to apply to different agencies. Because if one person creates website, another – flyers, and some other - gift certificates, then everything will be...completely different. Creative work cannot be thoroughly repeated, one cannot continue thinking in somebody other’s way. Here everything is done at once. Herewith, Katia almost became my “home” designer. I can ask advice from her and feel free about asking how I can have business cards printed out and how much of them I should make. She answers my questions at once and I do not have that awful feeling, which usually people have who do not understand anything about design, so they ask a lot of questions, like She will think I am stupid, She got bored about me, etc. Also Katia’s big advantage lies in the fact that she is an experienced designer and she really can give a good piece of advice and offer the best option.

Thank you very much one more time!

Yekaterina Kornienko

I am very grateful to L-site Company for the fulfilled work, everything was at the highest level! Special thanks to Katia who understood at once what exactly I would like to see at my website and hit the point at once with design, which was easy, fresh and laconic. All technical issues were being solved very fast, different solutions were offered, which were launched on a due day. Communication is excellent, all technical nuances they explained in an easy way. All my requests and wishes were taken into consideration. Especially I was pleased with post-support – Olia, thank you very much! I am sure, that we will continue our collaboration in future also! I will recommend this company to my friends and acquaintances!

Kristina Bessolova
children and family photographer

I would like to thank L’site team for wonderful work. We understood each other with Katia, designer, at a glance and result exceeded all my expectations. Katia managed to do website so bright, colourful, modern and very convenient! Olia coped with technical side of the project embodiment excellently and what is important – very quick, and helped me with website content. Thank you so much! I wish you success, prosperity and thankful clients!

Yuliya Demianenko
children and family photographer